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As a third generation educator, I believe that all students are capable of learning and achieving success..  I believe that the success of our nation depends upon high standards of educational excellence. My extensive teaching career spans over two decades of working with secondary choral music, drama, elementary general music, communications, and career exploration.


I believe that:

  • all children have intrinsic curiosity and the capacity to learn, but also recognize that children learn in different ways, have different interests, styles, and paces.
  • learning is an internal process that requires personal engagement.  Children learn in an integrated way and over the years I have developed innovative curricula and teaching strategies that embrace the theory of multiple intelligences. Howard Gardner stresses that we are able to know the world through language, logical-mathematical analysis, spatial representation, musical thinking, and kinesthetic learning.  We use these intelligences to solve problems, make things, understand other individuals, and ourselves.
  • understanding is enhanced if a student has multiple modes of acquiring knowledge.  As a teacher, I served as a coach and facilitator trying to evoke understanding in students by posing certain problems, creating certain challenges, and by placing students in various situations.  I encouraged students to work out their own ideas, tested them in various ways and as a result furthered the students’ own understanding.
Currently in the last phase of a PhD in Educational Leadership and Administration with emphasis in Curriculum and Professional Development. I have supervised student teachers of the Arts and created and presented extensive workshops and professional development for music educators throughout the Pacific Northwest.